Cath Vincent has been a business consultant for 20 years, launched businesses in the UK and Australia and won a UK Department of Trade and Industry for her own start-up software company.  Even so, she remained restless and unfulfilled until she decided to 'Wake up her WOW!'.

She emigrated to New Zealand and launched a brand new career as a motivational speaker, developing a following from scratch in a country where she knew no-one. Cath quickly gained recognition from audiences internationally, her peers, and the National Speakers Association where she won the Brightstar award.  She also has had the honour of being invited to speak at TEDx.

Five years into her new adventure in Auckland, she launched her own motivational television show, the Cath Vincent Show, which airs on Sky in New Zealand and on TV2 in Australia.

Never one to stand still, her most recent Big Hairy Audacious Goal was the renovation of a distressed warehouse and former Meth Lab into a motivational hub. Studio 38 is fast becoming Auckland’s Most Inspiring Venue for Creative and Business Endeavour.

Cath believes every person can dramatically improve the quality of their life with simple micro-changes; she herself is living proof of what happens when you Wake Up Your WOW!

Drawing from all her consultancy experience, Cath delivering keynotes and workshops to energise and inspire leaders in all professions from business, to manufacturing, to government. She teaches talented people how to master themselves, unleash their potential, and operate much more effectively. The result? More sales, greater productivity, and improved morale.